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Richard Hopp's Unauthorized Historical Biography of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and Neighborhood Council Ecosystem Information Archive. No user tracking independent static site and other related educational stuff. | Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing .PDF files.

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  1. 📄 City of Los Angeles Controller Ron Galperin’s Report Looked at Illegal Dumping | View Report
  2. 📄 File a City of Los Angeles Claim of Damages | View Website
  3. 👀 A Guide for Accessing California Legislative Information - Prepared by the Legislative Counsel of California | View Guide
  4. ✋  Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Meeting Speaker Card - IN PERSON MEETINGS ONLY | View Document
  5. 👀 ZOOM Video - EmpowerLA Running Virtual Neighborhood Council Meetings | View Video
  6. 👀 Video - Webinar: Social Media & Outreach Tools for Neighborhood Councils (October 29, 2020) | View Video

Neighborhood Council Handbooks with Odds and Ends:

  1. 📂 Procedure For Requesting Legal Advice | View Document
  2. 📂 Things to Know as a Neighborhood Council Board Member | View Document
  3. 📂 City of Los Angeles: Structure of a City Government | View Document
  4. 📂 Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Website Committee Report | View Document
  5. 📂 City of Los Angeles Current Elected Officials | View Document
  6. 📂 City of Los Angeles Required Signatures for Selected Petitions | View Document
  7. 📂 City of Los Angeles Budget 2020 - 2021 | View Document
  8. 📂 Department of Neighborhood Empowerment​ Budget 2020 - 2021 | View Document
  9. 📂 City of Los Angeles Revised Revenue Forecast 2020 - 2021 | View Document
  10. 📂 [Proposed] Resolution by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Approving the Digital Communications Policy for the Neighborhood Councils (Draft Version as of 9/29/2020) | View Document
  11. 📂 The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Identifying Community Assets form | View Document
  12. 📂 The Board of Neighborhood Commissioners (The Commission) Was Established By the City Charter in 1999 as a Policy-Setting and Oversight Commission for the Neighborhood Councils and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment | View Website | Letter on Commission's Authority | View Document | Existing Policies View Website | Commission Policies Under Consideration | View Website
  13. 📂 Neighborhood Council Grievance Portal | View Website | Neighborhood Council Grievances, Section 22.818, Article 3 of Chapter 28 of the Los Angeles Administrative Code | View Document


  1. ➰ The Indigo Book: A Manual of Legal Citation | View Document | Website: www.Resource.Org
  2. ➰ California Legislative Drafting Manual | View Document
  3. ➰ Yale Law Journal Volume 123 Style Sheet | View Document
  4. ➰ Parliamentary Procedure: A Legislators’ Guide By Brenda Erickson (2012) | View Document
  5. ➰ County of Los Angeles Legislative Training Manual | View Document
  6. ➰ California Brown Act Code | View Document
  7. ➰ Review of Commission Scope, Ralph M. Brown Act, Public Records Act, City of Sacramento Council Rules of Procedure, and Rosenberg’s Rules of Order (Oral Report; File ID: 2020-01346 dated November 13, 2020) | View Document
  8. ➰ Rules of the Los Angeles City Council As Amended (January 2019) | View Document
  9. ➰ Organizing Your Legal Authority | View Document
  10. ➰ Legal writing under IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion) | View Document
  11. ➰ Legal Issues for Neighborhood Councils | View Document
  12. ➰ Overview of Government Code Section 1090; Prohibits an officer or employee from entering into or participating in making contracts in which they have a financial interest | View Document
  13. ➰ The Federalist Papers is a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under the collective pseudonym "Publius" to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution | View Document
    1. The Federalist | View Document
    2. The Federalist with the Continentalist and Other Papers | View Document
    3. Complete Anti-Federalist | View Document
  14. ➰ Catalogue of the California State Library Law Department by Talbot H. Wallis, State Librarian (October 19, 1886) | View Document
    1. Supplemental Catalogue of the California State Library Law Department by W. D. Perkins, State Librarian. (1886-1893) | View Document
  15. ➰ The City of Lafayette violated the Brown Act by not including a litigation threat discussed in closed session in the agenda packet made publicly available before the meeting, but plaintiffs failed to show any prejudice resulting from the violation. Lori Fowler v. City of Lafayette, 46 Cal. App. 5th 360 (2020) | View Document
  16. ➰ Given the plain language of California's open meeting law (the Ralph M. Brown Act), Government Code 54954.3(a), and its legislative history, the Brown Act does not permit limiting comment at special city council meetings based on comments at prior, distinct committee meetings. Eric Preven v. City of Los Angeles, 32 Cal.App.5th 925, 244 Cal. Rptr. 3d 364 (Cal. Ct. App. 2019) | View Document
  17. ➰ The trial court and determine that the board's three-minute limit on public speakers is contrary to state statutes and federal and state free speech principles. In the Court of Appeal of the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Eight find neither statutory nor constitutional violations, and affirm. Joe Ribakoff v. City of Long Beach, B279462 (Cal. Ct. App. Aug. 24, 2018) | View Document
  18. ➰ California Attorney General Opinions on the Ralph M. Brown Act and other interests:
    1. Posting agendas - Opinion No. 14-1203 (2016) | View Document
    2. Disqualified Members to Establish a Quorum - Opinion No. 95-324 (1995) | View Document
    3. Meetings of a Standing Committee Composed of Less Than a Quorum - Opinion No. 95-614 (1996) | View Document
    4. Majority of a Quorum Act Upon a Matter If Such Majority Is Less Than a Majority of the Full Board - Opinion No. 84-1001 (1984) | View Document
    5. Hold a Series of Closed Discussions and Matters - Opinion No. 81-1105 (1982) | View Document
    6. An Ex Officio of the Governing Board Less Than a Quorum Subject to the Open Meeting Requirements - Opinion No. 81-218 (1981) | View Document
    7. Enabling Statutes Do Not Specify a Quorum May Establish Its Quorum Through Adoption of a Bylaw - Opinion No. 10-901 (2011) | View Document
  19. ➰ State of California Judicial Branch Administration Tactical Plan for Technology 2021–2022 | View Document
  20. ➰ Public records generated by local officials may not be transmitted to lawmakers at any hour when the office is closed; involved two of the act’s requirements: (1) section 54957.5 of the Brown Act; and (2) section 54954.2. Watch v. Placer Cnty., C087892 (Cal. Ct. App. Aug. 24, 2021) | View Document

Website Development:

  1. 📄 Is Your City Website ADA Compliant | View Document
  2. 📄 State of California Web Content Accessibility Guidelines | View Document
  3. 📄 Request for Proposal Website Design | View Document
  4. 📄 How To Structure A Proposal For Web & Branding Projects | View Document
  5. 📄 Request for Proposal for Web Development | View Document
  6. 📄 Sitemaps | View Document
  7. 📄 Website Wireframe | View Document
  8. 📄 Content Management System | View Document
  9. 📄 Learn Code for Free at |
  10. 📄 U.S. General Services Administration Technology Transformation Services ADA |
  11. 📄 O'Reilly Designing Web Navigation | View Document
  12. 📄 HTML Standard | View Document
  13. 📄 Information Architecture | View Document
  14. 📄 Creating a Website 311 LACITY.ORG, Council File: 11-1013-S3 | View Document
  15. 📄 Computer and software industries | View Document

Information Resources

  1. 📄 Mayor Eric Garcetti Signed Executive Order No. 27 Calling for Racial Equity in City Government | View Document | Mayor Garcetti's Executive Directives | View Website
  2. ✅ Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles --- The Angeleno Connectivity Trust provides free internet service to students in Los Angeles who are struggling to stay connected online to classes and essential support services | View Website
  3. ✅ Total Cost of Ownership | View Document
  4. ✅ Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, The Pragmatic Programmer, Boston, MA, USA: Addison-Wesley Professional; 2nd edition (September 13, 2019) ISBN-10: 0135957052 ISBN-13: 978-0135957059

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

  1. ⛔ CVS Pharmacy offering the FREE COVID-19 vaccine in select stores | View Website
  2. ⛔ California Neighbor Check-Ins COVID-19 | View Document
  3. ⛔ City of Los Angeles Resources for Seniors and Other Vulnerable Angelenos During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis | View Document
  4. ⛔ Medical Sheltering Sites Coronavirus (COVID-19) | View Document

Data Stuff

  1. Federal Trade Commission - The Consumer Sentinel Network is an investigative cyber tool and complaint database, restricted to law enforcement use, that provides civil and criminal enforcement organizations immediate and secure access to identity theft, internet, telemarketing (including do not call), and other consumer related complaints. | View Data Report | View Website
  2. California School Directory - contains information about California public schools, private schools (including nonpublic nonsectarian schools), school districts, and county offices of education | View Website
  3. ☝ City of Los Angeles Listing of Active Businesses | View Document
  4. ☝ The Data Literacy Program, a partnership with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, aims to develop new resources for your Neighborhood Council by providing training to members of your community on mapping and data-related tools.
    1. EMPOWER Data Portal | View Website
    2. Email:

General Resources of Services

  1. ✅ eWaste U.S. Electronics Recycling, Telephone (818) 465-5381 - Electronics Recycling, Cell Phone Destruction, E-Waste Removal & Recycling, Hard Drive Shredding while you watch, Guaranteed Data Destruction, Tape & Product Destruction, and Computer and Printer Recycling | View Website
  2. ✅ Union Station Shoe Shine and Repair - Marco Ramirez (323) 799-6789
  3. ✅ Practical Props Retail, Sales & Repair (repairs, sales and supplies; vintage lighting, lamp shades, lighting parts and accessories, and offer rewiring) - Ian Hardy Telephone: (818) 982-3198 | View Website
  4. ✅ James P. Cordaro (Electrician) All Phase Electrical Systems, 7738 Densmore Avenue Van Nuys, California 91406-2918, Telephone (818) 787-2737. All types of electrical contracting and service needs 24-hours a day to commercial and residential customers. STATE OF CALIFORNIA C10 - ELECTRICAL CA LICENSE #527104 | View Website
  5. ✅ Sharper Edge - Knife, Scissors and Tool Sharpening, Telephone (213) 280-1152 | View Website

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